First Choice Consulting Services provides professional strategic planning for schools, educators, businesses and media productions helping you and your employees return to work safely.

Professional experience and expertise are provided in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning Readiness Business Solutions
  • CDC and Department of Health Protocol
  • COVID-19 Compliancy
  • OSHA Safety Regulations & Asbestos Awareness
  • Basic Life Saving Certification in CPR, FIRST AID, & AED Medic
  • Online Education – Curriculum Development, Pedagogy & Training




Michael S.

“Ms. Yaxley was an invaluable resource who helped me with setting up my online courses. Her detailed instruction provided me with the tools necessary to copy course content from one LMS to another. She also showed me how to set up discussion boards, tests, and drop boxes. Her dedication with helping professors was evident, as many professors that I know commented on her professionalism. In addition, her personality is non-intimidating. Ms. Yaxley’s coaching and supportive approach in working with professors made the learning process easier and seamless. There is another important point I want to share. Since Ms. Yaxley is a professor, she knows what needs to be included in a professor’s online course. Whether my course was face-to-face or online, it was always successful for not only me, but for my students. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Ms. Bridgette Yaxley to anyone searching for a candidate with extensive knowledge and experience with instructional technology and online learning. ~ Sincerely, Professor Michael S.”

Sumaiya M.

“Bridgette and I worked together to write treatments, bibles, and episode summaries for a TV series pitch. I was very keen to work with her, given her award-winning professional screenwriting and editing background – and Bridgette did not disappoint! She impressed me with her creativity and receptivity – not only did she generate unique ideas that added depth to the series but also received and creatively used ideas shared by others, including direction from our project lead. Bridgette fostered a dynamic and creative learning environment, made possible by her exceptional communication and teamwork skills. She often checked in on her teammates, kept the project on track, and shared information, which was crucial to the success of the project. I would strongly recommend her for any creative project in the film industry.” 

Connor D.

“Thank you so much, Bridgette! You did a tremendous job for our production! Keeping everyone safe and comfortable is no small task and we really appreciate everything you brought to the set.”